Saturday, September 5, 2009

Report from the AIR - Artist in Residence

Week 4 as the AIR in Melbourne Central

Being at the new studio/gallery every day for a few hours is a very productive habit, after over a year of being away from my main studio and painting in the corners of the kitchens of rented cottages in Melbourne's bayside suburbs.

The location attracts a diverse range of people - though not many in the serious art-buying market, and a fair population of the bewildered wandering the mall on cold autumn days.

The light is great with the big windows overlooking Little Lonsdale Street, and the white walls make the paintings really stand out.

This painting is the latest in a long series of spheres emerging within surreal landscapes.

Having multiple pieces of work on the go at one time enables me to get a break from each style - the result of the first few week's work is therefore incredibly diverse.

People ask me "what style do you paint?" expecting a single genre or method. Not this artist!

Blue Rising
Oil On Canvas
2010 .

This is the newest in 'The New Age of Landscape' series, a detailed part of the much larger 900mm x 900mm Heathrow Airport satellite view on Google Earth.

Using incredibly fine brushes the progress you see here represents about 20 hours of painting. (Note: see the finished image here).

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