Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Artist in Residence, Melbourne Central

Over the weekend I moved into a space in the giant Melbourne Central Mall, on Level 3 diagonally opposite the main cinema complex.

With expert help from friends and family getting the former fashion boutique ready, the shop has been transformed into a modern looking studio where I will paint from 11 -3pm most days for the next few weeks, joined by some fellow artists for company and creativity.

Painting in public will be good practise for being rubber-necked by passers-by at the new studio in Middle Park, which should be ready in only a couple of months from now.

Thanks Fashion Incubator!

Special thanks to Trudy and Artists on the Move (see for finding the opportunity, Glen (trades - wicked with a power drill), Rani (paint, creative collaboration) and Amanda (everything else, plus coming by to be creative) for making this possible over 2 short days.