Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Albert Park College Art Show

The 2011 Albert Park College Art Show was a great success raising funds and linking many of Melbourne's artists to the new school community, with the school only opening this year. APC is an arts-based College, and the money raised will go a long way to supporting the germination of an ambitious arts program for the next few years.

Organised by Trudy Rice, Lisa Thornley and their band of helpers (me included), over 270 artworks were exhibited and many were sold. The show also raised money through an auction on the Gala Friday evening event. It was supported by a vast array of supporting workshops including the musicians of APC hosting a public workshop and performance, painting, woodwork, graffiti art by aerosol one and cooking with a Master Chef style cook off for kids.

The large scale painting below this post of a pixellated Buzz Aldrin was one of the many sold.

Here's a link to a 360 panoramic version of this photo of the show on Saturday - click here to view in a browser.