Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictat Exhibition, July 2008, Wellington, NZ

In late July 2008 I packed up a few paintings and took myself to Wellington to join my fellow students all of whom were lucky enough to have had Roberto Paulet as tutor at Inverlochy Art School. We have been exhibiting together since our first year at Inverlochy in 2005. I missed the 2007 exhibition as it was the year I moved to Melbourne. I felt very privileged to be included and involved this year. It was held in the St James foyer and was a great success. We are already planning next year's exhibition.


~ Tabitha ~ said...

Your work is beautiful..
I would like to add you to my links so my readers can view your work too! My fave is that leather boot:)

Lesley Melody said...

Thanks Tabitha. You must be some kind of blogger record as the paint is barely dry on my new blog. Subscribe away...! PS your blog looks interesting too.